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Fisher Gold Bug - Recommended for Gold Nugget / Prospecting
Threshold and Gain Adjustments
1/4 and 1/8 Inch Headphone Jacks
1 - 9V Power Supply
Lightest Weight / Best Ergonomics in the Industry
2 Search Modes: All-Metal and Discriminate
Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display
Large Target Alert
Depth Readout and Running Signal Strength Indicator
No-Motion Pinpoint
Computer Assisted Ground Grab and Ground Balance
Continious Ground Phase and Ground Mineralization Readout
2 Tone VCO
Super Sensitive
Fisher Gold Bug Pro - Recommended for Gold Nugget / Prospecting
Finds the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils
V-Break TM; Industry's First Variable Breakpoing tone discrimination system
Computerized Ground Grab TM
Real-Time computerized ground balancing
V.C.O. Audio in All Metal & Discrimination Mode
Independent control over Treshold & Gain
Continuous Ground Condition Readouts
Ground Phase value indicates type of mineralization
Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization
Static Pinpoint with depth indicator
Dual Headphone Jacks
19kHz Operating Frequency
Ultra Simple User Interface
Ultra-Lightweight (2.5 lbs)
Fisher Gold Bug 2 - Recommended for Gold Nugget / Electronic Prospecting Metal Detector
The MOST Sensitive Gold Hunting Detector Ever Made
Extreme Sensitivity to Small Gold Nuggets
High Precision Dual-Control Ground Balance
Iron Disc Mode for Iron & Hot Rock Rejection
Deep Target Audio Boost
Lightweight & Hip-Mountable
Available with Either a 6 ½” or 10” Elliptical Search Coil
Operating Frequency: 71 kHz
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